Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year Resolution

And now it’s over! And now the first glimpse of depression! The Christmas tree and decoration starts to look a little bit kitsch! This period between Christmas and New Year it’s a little bit puzzling whatever concerns the greetings, Merry Christmas wishes after the Christmas day seems to me a little bit odd, the ‘Happy New Year’ wish before the actual day doesn’t fit the bill either for a protestant country (England) , the superstitions are in gear !!! What’s left then? Only the Greek Xronia Polla which is not understandable... to this anglophone country! Anyway I have to keep the hype feelings floating so there we are with my New Year resolution.
1.Try to acquire Penelope’s Cruz body!!!!(double ha,ha)
2.Try to acquire an oxfordian English accent!!!!(triple ha,ha,ha)
The following are more attainable targets
3. Care more about the environment from two days up to the hill to four days a week (this will help the first target as well)

and the last and not the least

4. Be nicer to Johnny even when he is behaving in his utmost English way!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas insanity

The electric cheer that possesses me during the Christmas period has the same urgency to it as a love affair. I do believe that Christmas is a time for going, well, insane! And England is the right place to indulge yourself in this love affair ‘insanity’. We start with the ‘war’ of cards. We send cards to everybody we know or not. The only prerequisite is to know name and address. Today I received the first card in the size of A4 from a couple who they say they are ‘friends’(johnny’s friends) I have never seen them! They refuse to meet up despite they live 30 km away, but they never forget to send their card with their credentials (their posh address and posh names of their offsprings like they are descendants of the Tsar). Anyway, after we have to post the cards. So we go altogether happy clappy in the post office and we are standing in a long queue chatting about the quirks of the weather. And this is only the start of the Christmas extravaganza ..... (to be continued)
p.s I am taking part in this love affair!