Friday, October 26, 2007

Girlfriends night out

Last night was a night out with the girlfriends. It was magnificent, it reminded me of old days in Athens. We spoke about men, marriage and Hugh Grant... The mention of the latter made them start to have hallucination. The Natassaki (in Greece the diminutive suffix -aki is quite popular among women, gives a sense of tea and sympathy and probably it has replaced the old suffix -oula) was quite captivated by him. The host of the conversation the naughty Rits who was trying to calm us down including herself because the temperature was starting to be elevated. The time was passing and the conversation was going on and on, in the other 'window' the Brainy So-Far was asking me why I am not writing so often... Maybe my english adopted reservation or avoiding dependence! This was my virtual night out with the girls. I was lying down to the sofa with my laptop and next to me Johnny in the opposite sofa with his laptop and at the same time he was watching Jeremy Paxman to sneer at his guests –he is one of these old-style Don-presenters of the BBC, who has lost touch with reality(according to me of course, the rest probably adore him because of this “sneering” behaviour). Johnny asked me why I am so concentrated on my laptop and what I am writing so fast. I wanted to say we speak about you darling and your compatriots but he seemed quite annoyed because I was not watching to the programme he chose to watch!“I have a night out with the girls darling” I said to him. I think I need to have a look again in this old book by Aldous Huxley “The brave new world”!


So_Far said...

1. "We spoke about men, marriage and Hugh Grant"

I 'd like to be there !!! I like Hugh Grant much more than I expected !!!

2." he seemed quite annoyed because I was not watching to the programme he chose to watch!"

Englishmen will never understand why they are the only on the world who watch Jeremy Paxman. I can't stand him too..

Have a nice day up there !!!!

Penelope said...

Thanks So far I am glad to hear this

ritsmas said...

ναμαι κι απο δω. Οι γυναικοπαρέες ειναι κατι σαν spa κι αυτές. Χαλαρώνεις, λες ατέλειωτες σαχλαμάρες, αδειάζεις κι ύστερα ξαναβρίσκεις τους ρυθμούς σου.
Α, για τον Χιου Γκραντ ήταν το θέμα ; Κι αυτος ο αθεόφοβος τί τους θέλει τους γάμους ; Αφου δεν του πανε.
σε φιλώ

ritsmas said...

A,και να του πεις του Τζόνι ότι εμεις εδω το κανουμε συχνά, καθημερινά, γιατί δεν βγαίνει περα αλλιώς η ατιμη η ζωή.

ritsmas said...

A, ναι, στο προφίλ σου μου άρεσαν δυο παρατηρήσεις. Πρώτον ότι δεν βάφεσαι ( αν καταλαβα καλα) ( το λεω γιατί εγω θα βαφομαι ακομη κι όταν η ψυχή μου θα βγαίνει - αφου σκεπτομαι από τα τωρα να προσλάβω ειδικό μακιγιερ )και εισαι οικολογα που λεμε εντω στο Ελλαντα...και Δεύτερον ότι προσπαθεις να πεισεις τον Τζονι για το αυτονότητο. Την υπεροχή των Ελληνων Χα, χα, χα

Penelope said...

thanks Rits όσο για τον Hugh είναι παρθένος.., χμ.. εννοώ ότι δεν έχει παντρευτεί ποτέ! Σύμφωνα με τις πληροφορίες μου.

νατασσάκι said...

Ναι, κι εγώ έτσι νομίζω !
έφτασε πολύ κοντά όμως, αρκετές φορές!
Πολύ καλό !
Μα, Χίτλερ???
(θέλω το αυτόγραφο, να ξέρεις!)

Καλό βράδυ - αν του δώσεις φιλιά, να του πεις ότι το ένα είναι από μένα! ;)
(υγ. Ευτυχώς, ο άντρας μου δεν διαβάζει αγγλόφωνα blog - κι έτσι δεν θα μπει καν στα σχόλια, θα τα προσπεράσει! ;) )

Penelope said...

Phew! ευτυχώς και μένα δεν διαβάζει ελληνικά, για τα σχόλια εννοώ